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The Family


In 2010, when Nicole and I got hitched, we tied together two families into one then in 2012 and 2013 added three more to the batch for a family of ten.  At the time we started making a home together, we lived in what is now the big May House and I set about remodeling and expanding the house over the years into what you see today.  In 2015 we purchased the blue house next door and gave it a good rehab and tossed it on the rental market.  Renting out was fun and the area was popular, so, I set my sights on the run-down trailer park next door.  In 2018, Nicole and I purchased what is now Wauhatchie Woodlands and set out to clean it up and turn it into what you know today as Wauhatchie Woodlands.  This process started in 2017 and took two years until the first cabins came in, all eight named for our kids!

In 2019 I designed and built the Chalet over an old block storage building in front of the May House.  As we have added cabins and expanded into the park further, each cabin is named for someone very important in our lives, from the kid’s grandparents to our beloved six European exchange students we hosted and turned into family.  In the section below, you can learn about the namesake of each cabin, all very important people in the greater May family.  Wauhatchie is our home turf though we moved out in 2020 and we love this little place on earth as well as those that pay us a visit and stay in our homes and make their wonderful memories to share.

– Frank C. May

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.”

– George Santayana


By Love


All of our cabins are named after special people in our life. Get to know the humans behind your cabin’s name.

Elise May


The oldest May kid is a brilliant and beautiful young lady about ready to shove off to university in 2021.  She loves to explore, hang with friends and siblings, rock-climb, ski, and is dependable and responsible.

Thomas May


As the oldest May boy, Thomas is also the fastest and most competitive.  He loves snow skiing, football, soccer, and high powered sports cars. But his mind is encyclopedic and can tell you anything you need to know about the NFL.

Ani May


Otherwise known as Ani Bug, she is a beautiful young lady passionate about soccer and building her future.  She is easily the most organized and tidy of all the kids and loves to hang out and explore with her sisters.

Sophie May


Most May’s are strong-willed kids, but Sophie is known as the sunshine with a connectional disposition and a brilliant and curious mind.  She is very athletic and beautiful like her sisters with a particular gift in soccer but a love of rock climbing.

Kai May


The second May boy is one of the easiest people to get along with.  He comes off shy to the outside but in the family is hilarious, connectional and just downright fun.  Kai’s first sport is wrestling with soccer a good second and he loves cars as much as his brother Thomas.  

Eden May


Eden is a bit eccentric and can be pretty fearless, and like her sisters – just plain gorgeous.  She is the first to pipe out with a prayer, and the quickest to boss the twins in play.  She has a unique style and big personality and is the classic Daddy’s girl.

River May


River is thoughtful and somewhat contemplative compared to his twin Bryce.  Highly affectionate and deeply loyal, he loves to be a part of the action and try new things, except for food.  But like Eden is to Daddy, River is to Mom. 

Bryce May


Identical twin and youngest of the eight, Bryce is the jester of the family, sometimes shocking, sometimes rolling you over in laughter.  He is a bit more independent than River but tends to move in a pack with the three youngest. 

Bryce May


Ryon was born to Nicole 13 years before Nicole and Frank were married.  He is very close to his grandparents: Nana and Papa and is pursuing his degree at Chattanooga State.



The Italian Stallion, the stud of all studs, Gabe is loving and hilarious and a lot of other great things to say.  He is our Italian host-son and close friend.  Gabe is presently pursuing his university degree in engineering in Italy.




Our Parisian host daughter spent her year with us along with Gabe.  Apple as we affectionately call her is loving and lovely, super connectional, making fast friends in five minutes, and currently seeking a law degree in Paris.



Our remarkable German host-daughter has a heart as deep as the ocean and a mind sharp as a blade.  Tall and beautiful, she is an incredible mix of German, American and now even Peruvian, having developed a broad perspective with different cultures and languages.



Papa, Nicole’s Daddy, may be the most giving man you’ve ever met.  It’s really because of Papa that Frank and Nicole were able to create Wauhatchie as he snapped up the entire complex in the 80’s and ran it as a mobile home park till Wauhatchie was born.




Nana is Nicole’s mom and loving grandma to the May kids.  She loves to spend time with her twin sister, and the young May kids.  Marie- Nana – is a giving, thoughtful and unique with a sharp and opinionated mind but loving enough to listen and engage.



Pops, or Tom May, is Frank’s dad, and Thomas’s namesake.  Pops left us for his eternal home in 2019, but was a great man whose patient love, and quiet generosity impacted more lives than his venerated business successes.



Frank’s mom is most often called an angel.  Pegger’s, named Margaret who grew up being called Peg, is truly an amazing grandmother to our bunch and for others.  She brings light to every life that comes close to her and was the deep heart behind their generosity.




Stefan is our Dutch Host Son, and the only farmer of the family.  He’s the quickest to ask “how are you really doing” and listed on the other side.  He loves adventure and has a wonderful and playful spirit.  And when we say farming, we are talking about super high-tech stuff in the Netherlands.



Moldova isn’t well known for exporting exchange students, but we love it for giving us Eliza.  Our Host Daughter from Eastern Europe shared her time in the states with Stefan and deeply endeared her beautiful self to every May family member.  She is witty, playful, and stunning.

lena cabin namesake


Lena, our Austrian Host Daughter was our very first European family member.  She has more talent that she knows what to do with, a mind with perception and wisdom beyond her years, yet, super fun and connectional, tall and beautiful.  She is now practicing law in Vienna.


Bryce May


Ernie is one of those once-in-a-generation best friends to Pops, a friendship which did life together for over sixty years.  He has been a great friend and mentor to Frank, and has given of himself freely to the benefit of so many others.  Ernie is a hero that does not make a bunch of noise or draw a bunch of attention to himself.

Bryce May


Ernie’s high-school sweetheart and life-long companion is the sage and second mom.  She may be short, but she’s not afraid to confront a giant with truth, and love.  Lynda has been a path-maker for countless women in the church and a constantly loving mom to her family and her neighbors – the May’s.



Our late beloved aunt Martha, Pegger’s sister was a beautiful and deep soul.  She always loved her horses, home and family, and constantly had wise counsel and deep insight.  She was as lovable as she was loving though our Martha left us all – especially her two sons and loving husband Richard behind too soon.