Local Trails


There are a number of Lookout Mountain trails very close to your vacation home. If you push out a bit, the rock climbing routes, trails, falls, swim holes increase expeditiously. But these trails are beautiful, historic, and very worthwhile.

Skyuka: this trailhead is closest to the house (less than one mile) right where Alford Hill Drive hits 318 (Old Wauhatchie Pike) just west from us down Cummings Highway. This trailhead connects to everything – horse trails, bike trails, the Nature Center and Reflection Riding trails, Sunset Rock, Covenant College, Craven’s House, Point Park, and the Guild trail. About 1 mile into the trail off to the right is a little slit canyon which creates an entrance to an unmarked cave with about 20 foot high ceilings and curtain rocks around.

Mountain Beautiful: The quickest and most scenic route from Craven’s House (very near us) to beautiful Point Park is the Mountain Beautiful trail. The trail starts at Craven’s house and is the trail less traveled to the left facing the mountain from the Craven’s parking lot. We love this trail and it has many signs marking the lines of certain confederate and Union troops along the way. This trail will split right to go to Point Park or carry on south toward Georgia running directly under the incline and on around the GA side of the mountain.

Craven’s Trail: to the right from the Craven’s upper parking lot, this trail, like Skyuka connects to everything but runs and starts about halfway up the mountain.

Eagle’s Nest: Cummings to 318 to Scenic, just before Ruby Falls is the head to Eagle’s nest trail. At the top of the Ravine is a concrete eagle statue overlooking Chattanooga. This trail will connect to Guild trail and Craven’s which will, in turn, connect to everything.

Point Park: The best view of the river and downtown Chattanooga, hands down. Much better view of the city, signal, the Riverbend and city than Rock City. This is an easy jump up Lookout on Scenic Highway then right on East Brow past the Incline to the corner of the Mountain. Maybe the best way to get here is to take the incline, the base of which is very nearby in St.Elmo up the mountain and walk over the Point Park once up top. If you are into Civil War history or just want a spectacular view, Point Park is the place to go. And, down the metal stairs from the brow, you connect to the trail the circumnavigates the top of the mountain and connects to every lower connector.

Glen Falls: the closest waterfall is a really great short trail and fun natural water play area but in dry months, the water supply is quite low. This trail is roughly halfway up the GA side of Lookout on Och’s Highway, to the left. There is a decent little swim hole at the bottom of this small falls.

Sunset Rock:  up Scenic Highway to West Brow, Sunset parking is on the left. This western overlook is famed for the best sunsets and a wonderful western vista and incredible rock climbing and formations. If you descend the brow to the trail you can go right or left. Left will take you to Covenant College (which is a great trail) and left will take you to Point Park, which is also a beautiful trail. Most of the climbers are active right at the base toward Point Park.