Pet Policy

Terms & Conditions: We are pleased to offer dog-friendly accommodations under specific terms and conditions. As a guest of Wauhatchie Woodlands, you agree to adhere to the following policies. 

  1.  A fee of $35 applies if you wish to have your dog accompany you during your stay at Wauhatchie Woodlands. Your dog must be approved and added to your reservation in advance to your stay. No dogs over 50 lbs. To review your reservation, please contact Guest Services at 423-251-5287. 
  2. The $35 fee is a one-time fee that must be collected in advance of your stay. We allow up to 2 dogs. The one-time fee for 2 dogs is $50.
  3. You are required to put a credit card on file if you are bringing a dog(s). If there is evidence of non-compliance with our dog policies your card will be automatically charged (see damage & non-compliance section below). 
  4. Dogs are not allowed on any furniture or bedding. Therefore, all dogs must be crated overnight and crated when left unattended for any amount of time. You have the option of reserving a dog crate for the entirety of your stay for $15. Please contact Guest Services to arrange your rental. 
  5. Your dog(s) must be leashed at all times when outside on the property. All waste must be picked up and disposed of. No aggressive dogs are allowed on the property. 
  6. The dog owner is responsible for all damages or injury caused by their dog during their stay.
  7. Dogs are not allowed at certain lodgings on the property. Please reference your reservation for policy-specific details regarding your lodging. 
  8. No cats or exotic animals allowed.

Damage & Non-Compliance: If there is evidence of non-compliance with the policies stated above, penalty fees will apply. Common examples of non-compliance and corresponding penalty fees are listed below. The list is by no means exhaustive or exact. Management reserves the right to assess each situation differently and use discretion when applying damage or penalty fees. If there is evidence of non-compliance with our dog policies your card will be automatically charged and you will be provided with picture proof. 

• $70 Failure to add your dog to your reservation
• $70 Evidence of dog on bedding or furniture (excessive dog hair)
• $100 Evidence of dog within a lodging that is not dog friendly
• $70-$500+  Damages to lodging, furnishings, equipment, etc that must undergo cleaning or replacement. 
◦ Ex. Chewed door frames
◦ Ex. Soiled bed sheets
◦ Ex. Excessive dog hair on bedding or furnishings

We realize that accidents happen so please contact Guest Services immediately if a situation arises and damages occur.  Guest Services can be reached at 423-251-5287.